Working for the Betterment of

Kids, People & The Planet!

 H.S. Youth Learn & Earn 
 Business Programs 

Our Community Outreach Marketing Program:
1. Helps Build your Skills in Essential Areas you need to develop to be successful and you get to Earn while you Learn. 
• Communication
• Business
• Marketing
• Management
• Design
• Leadership
• Office Technology
• Problem Solving
• Time Management
2. Helps Local Dollars Stay in the Community
3. Helps Local Residents Save Money​

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​Lyle Benjamin, Executive Director

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Locations Etc. Inc.


A Non-Profit Educational Organization

Working for the Betterment of 

Kids, People & The Planet!

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 Campus & Community

 Club Programs: 

16 Things Social Responsibility Clubs are a great way to gain real world experience in a single discipline or a wide variety of areas -- all while helping others at the same time. 

High Schools & 
Middle School Programs:
Empowering Programs:

Our BCL Workshops and Create A Club programs are just what students need to round out their classroom studies. These 16 Things peer support programs not only educate in much needed areas, but also create lasting friendships and support structures extend well into adulthood!

 Mentorship Programs 

Students who want Excitement, Challenges, Experience while Helping Others ....

From our Internship and Work Experience programs to our Campus Social Responsibility Clubs to our Career Track Professional Positions: Our Mission is education and we provide students on the high school level with a host of programs to get them involved and earning real world experience while contributing to the Mission of our organization:
​Working for the Betterment of Kids, People & The Planet!

> Business: Marketing, Business Management, Advertising, PR, Communications, Social Media for Clubs, Books, Workshops, Programs, and Television.

> Publishing:
Graphic Design, Writing, Business Management, Marketing, Advertising, PR & Communication, and Special Events.

> Graphic Arts:
Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Shockwave for Clubs and Events.

> Meetings & Special Events:
From Location Scouting to Coordination and Management for Workshops, Fund-Raisers, Galas, Auctions, Seminars, Auditions, TV Production Shoots.

What You Need:
· Desire
· Determination
​ · Coachability

​ Everything else we can help you with, but to be successful you will need to furnish these these items yourself.