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TA$     49.99$     269.95
A$     99.99$     539.95
SA$   149.99$     809.95
MD$   199.99$  1,079.95
SMD$   299.99$  1,619.95
EMD$   499.99$  2,699.95
CEO$   999.99$  5,399.95

You're in business, and you want your business to grow. One of the most cost effective ways is cards, brochures and books that give you instant credibility and help move prospects to clients and associates. Fortunately, we have all three:


If you're management, you want to be part of our team, and you want your team to get the benefits from being part of our organization ... then you need to contribute your dues to help run the office.  It's not a lot, but it helps.​​

  WFG/WSB Position    Office Fee        Sign-Up       
               MD        $  200
               SMD       $  300
               EMD       $  450

  Business Partner     Daily     Comp.         Fee        Sign-Up       
     Coordinator 10  $ 1,500    $  150
     Manager20  $ 2,500    $  250
     Director30  $ 3,500    $  350

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Our Pledge To Help Make You Successful: We hereby agree to devote our team and organization’s time, energy and experience to help you reach your financial goals and to become a Business Partnership Director in our organization with a *$100,000 per year income in one year or less.  

Your Pledge To Become Successful: You hereby agree to devote my time and energy to work to become a Business Partnership Director in Lyle Benjamin’s non-profit organization with the goal of earning a six-figure a year income through WFG in less than one year.  

I understand that even on a part-time basis when I follow the tasks and responsibilities in the program I may earn the following production compensation:

For allowing me to participate in the Business Partnership Club, I agree to compensate 16Things/ESBN 10% of my proposed Minimum Production Compensation for a period of six months regardless of whether I reached the weekly threshold to trigger the monthly minimum production compensation. I understand that anything I earn in the month above the monthly minimum is not subject to mandatory fees. This agreement shall automatically renew every six months unless cancelled in writing within 30 days of expiration date.

Business Partner Programs:

 Outreach Materials

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 Business Cards 5,000$300    $ 150
 Brochures500$175    $  75

 "Act & Grow  

5$100$  50

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    $ 275

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​Lyle Benjamin, Executive Director

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A Non-Profit Educational Organization

Working for the Betterment of 

Kids, People & The Planet!

Working for the Betterment of

Kids, People & The Planet!


Helping others is our Mission. How we do it is our Vision.

And when you combine the two you get a System that gets extraordinary, exponential growth while by-passing many of the difficulties you encounter with sharing your message.

In other words, follow our Business Partnership programs for 3 months and we guarantee that you will get *promoted to the next WSB or WFG level, or the next month's program cost is free.