Working for the Betterment of

Kids, People & The Planet!

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Lyle Benjamin, Executive Director

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GET GOING! Establish your 16 things social
responsibility club!

Let's turn a Ripple into a Karmic Tsunami.

Congratulations!  By taking the first step you have already shown that you are different from 99% of the population in your neck of the woods. 

You are in the 1% that has the three qualities that we need to save ourselves (and the planet!) work towards living happy, healthy, and productive lives. 

Desire, Determination & Action! 

And what you and your club does will have a direct bearing on bringing that percentage higher.

No pressure!  :-)

What's Next:

Once you submit and your club is activated (1-3 Days) you will receive your "16 Things Social Responsibility Handbook."

The Handbook is your step-by-step guide through the actions and activities your club can do to help make a difference in your community, school, organization or business.

We welcome you on this important journey and are excited to be working with your club on making a difference in the world.

Lyle Benjamin

Executive Director

Social Responsibility Clubs:

Step 1. Get Involved: The Sign-Up.

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Working for the Betterment of 

Kids, People & The Planet!